What TV Doesn’t Show About Bail Bond Store


We all know that TV shows and movies rarely show “the full truth, and nothing but the truth” when it comes to portraying real life, daily situations. Some details are left out, some are exaggerated. This is to glorify a situation to make it juicier and more entertaining, as well as allow the entire episode or movie to fit in a certain amount of time. Here is what TV probably leaves out when it comes to bail and bail bonds:

  • The main condition and agreement for bail release is that the defendant makes all of his or her court appearances.
  • Bail can be refunded if the money was paid directly to the court and the defendant makes all of his or her court appearances.
  • A bail bond can be revoked if the defendant fails to go to court.
  • A bail bond may require a co-signer who will be responsible for the making sure the defendant goes to court.
  • The bail bond co-signer may request to be removed from the bail bond if he or she believes the defendant will fail to meet all requirements and appearances.

Now, next time you’re watching your favorite crime show or crime scene in a movie, you will be able to say “that’s totally wrong” if they get their facts mixed up!

If you would like to learn more details about bail and bail bonds, feel free to call Victorville Bail Bond Store 760-964-8377, we are open 24/7.


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