Bail Bonds Allows You to Afford a Good Defense

Most people are so worried about getting out of jail as quickly as possible, they pour all of their money into bailing themselves out without thinking about how much a good and successful defense costs.

Mounting a good defense, even when you’re innocent, is expensive. Defense lawyers aren’t cheap. Even if you decide to go with a court-appointed lawyer who takes your case pro-bono, there are still costs associated with preparing your defense. Examples of additional costs include third-party testing, private investigators, experts who will look at your case and offer their thoughts. The expenses add up fast and you have to cover all of them.

Here at Victorville Bail Bonds in Barstow, we can’t help with your defense, but we can offer you a solution that allows you to get out of jail and also have enough money in your bank account to pay for a good defense.

Our business plan is set up so that you pay us 10% of the money the court requires before they’ll release you. This 10% represents our fee. You won’t get it back. Once you’ve paid the 10% and sign a contract saying you agree to go to all of your court appearances and follow all the stipulations the court has attached to your release, we pay your bail. As soon as this is done, you’re free to go home.

At this point, any money you have in your financial accounts can be used to cover the cost of a good defense. You’re also free to keep working, and you can dedicate your paycheck to helping prove your case.

Victorville Bail Bonds in Barstow is a family-owned bail bonds business that has been serving California for about thirty years. We have a reputation for being fast, fair, and discrete. We’ve created flexible payment plans and work hard to create a customized program that works for each person who contacts us and asks for help.

There are several reasons people contact us when they need help with bail. These reasons include:

✦ 20% discounts for some applicants
✦ No collateral required for working signers
✦ Simple contracts
✦ Online service
✦ Phone service
24/7 availability
✦ Zero worry about hidden fees
✦ Outstanding customer service
Zero down bail bond
✦ Zero-interest bail bond

The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can start working to get you out on bail. Feel free to call us at 760-964-8377 or click the Chat with Us link.