Wrightwood Bail Bonds have always been providing help and assistance with bail bonds at the highest quality standards. At Wrightwood Bail Bonds, a licensed agent will always be there to handle your questions and inquiries throughout this difficult process.

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Professional Bail Agents

Wrightwood Bail Bonds believes in honesty and integrity and we feel that our clients should be able to rely on us during their difficult time. When you bail with us an experienced bail bondsman will be with you every step of the way to answer any questions you have and to walk your loved one out of jail.

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How Much Is a Bail Bond

Bail bonds only cost 10% of the bail that they are for. This means that if your loved one’s bail is set $20,000, then the bail bond will only cost $2,000. In addition to this discount, we also provide our clients with payment plans that break up the cost of the bail bond and spread it out over several months.

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Cosigning For a Bail Bond

Co-signers are people who are willing to sign for their loved one’s release. They will be the ones making sure payments are made, and court dates are properly handled. The strength of a co-signer is determined by his or her employment status, ties to the community, and credit score.

We are Available 24 Hours a Day!

Getting a California bail bond from us isn’t difficult. The first step is taking advantage of our free consultation. We offer both phone and online consultations. You can call us 24 hours a day and seven days a week and we guarantee that we will act immediately to get your loved one out of jail quickly and let them go on with their normal lives.


Easy Bail Process in California

There are several reasons why you should contact Wrightwood Bail Bonds when you’re looking for information about how to get the best California bail bond.

These reasons include:

0% Interest payment plans
20% Discount
Phone approvals
Online approvals
Free consultations
24/7 availability
No hidden fees
No collateral for working signers
Outstanding customer service

To bail someone out of jail quickly, simply call 760-964-8377.

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Get a Free Consultation

One of the many benefits Wrightwood Bail Bonds provides to folks just like you is a 24-hour bail bonds service. It doesn’t matter how late at night it is, what Federal holiday it is, or even if it’s the weekend, we’re ready and able to help you deal with your current situation and make sure you’re released from jail as quickly as possible.

When we say that we provide a 24-hour bail bonds service, we don’t mean that you can call anytime and leave a message. We mean that you will quickly connect with a real bail bond expert who will take you through a consultation. The consultation not only provides you with information about how our bail bond program works but also provides you with an opportunity to get answers to all of your bail bond questions.

Phone: 760-964-8377


I Had never dealt with this kind of situation so I certainly didn’t know what to expect or even where to start. Luckily the bail agent was very friendly and helpful. He walked me through the process and explained every detail. Thank you for your service!!

– Cindi Vii

I called this bail company a few weeks ago and although i did not end up getting a bail bond here i still wanted to leave a review on their customer service. The provided good service and answered my questions thoroughly which i greatly appreciated.

– Irwin Rodriguez

they had a great positive attitude, given the situation at least. If you seek bail assistance id highly recommend working with steve. not only was he patient he worked with us and made this ordeal as smooth as possible

– Emma Perez