Weird Things to Do in California Off the Beaten Coast

Weird Things to Do in California Off the Beaten Coast

California is home to the stars, and king of the west coast. If you’re ever bored, there are plenty of things to do from Hollywood Blvd. to walking through the Redwood Forest. If you want more sunshine, you can head down to San Diego and have some drinks on the beach with friends and family. There are a bunch of obvious attraction to check out in California, but what about the weird ones?

One of the lesser known spots to check out is Ostrichland in Solvang. The name of the place says it all. At Ostrichland there are hundreds of ostriches and emus. This is great place to take the family and you can even pet a few of the feathered creatures. There are bus tours and feeding areas where you get to interact with the birds as well. Even on their website they say to just think of them like a zoo full of ostriches.

If birds aren’t your thing, maybe books are. The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles is off the star beaten path. This isn’t your regular bookstore. It’s the largest used and new bookstore in California. They are also the largest independent bookstore still standing. They could be known worldwide because of their giant book-made tunnel or their color coordinated sections. They have walls made up entirely of books and even have a section for old school records.

If the ostriches and books don’t spark your interest, there is one last game to be played. In San Jose, there is a large monopoly board game. Imagine all the family treachery in a large-scale setting? You do have to reserve the area if you do plan on play a full-scale game, because after all, monopoly could take hours to play. Don’t worry about the dice; they have large ones there. They fittingly call this spot Monopoly in the Park.

There is so much to do in California; you just need to know to where to look. If you feel like checking out the less commercialized attractions, there are plenty of unique places. It’s one of the benefits of California, the diversity. There is diversity in the people and places to see.