Bosses Won’t Understand

It’s Monday morning and you’re nowhere to be seen. You were supposed to arrive this morning and deliver a valuable presentation to your boss’s boss. Your boss spoke with you on Friday, and you reassured him that you were prepared to present this massive report. This report is life or death for you career. You’ve been waiting forever for an opportunity to prove how dedicated you are and you’ve practice this presentation every day for the past two weeks.

Unfortunately, all your boss knows is that it’s time for you to present, but you’re nowhere in sight. You’re not even picking up your phone when your boss tries to call you. Meanwhile, you’re stuck in jail wishing that you could explain yourself. It’s been a huge misunderstanding, and you’re not supposed to be there. Your boss doesn’t know this, and you wonder if he will understand.

Instead of being stuck in jail, bail out.

Don’t just bail out, call Bail Bonds in Oro Grande and we’ll get you out as soon as possible. As soon as you get arrested call us. We can start the paperwork over the phone. Our highly trained agents are ready to answer your distress call. We understand that life happens, and that you need to get to work fast. We can get the paperwork done, and signed as soon as possible. Then we just have to wait on the jail to release you.

As soon as you’re free, you can get back to work. You be able contact your boss and fix this situation on the outside. Bailing out can only provide you with benefits. Don’t wait till Monday morning to call us, call us on the weekend because we are open 24/7.

If you need help with bail and don’t want to disappoint your boss, call 760-964-8377 or click Chat With Us now.