Prison And Jail Are Not The Same Thing, Exactly


You probably think that prison and jail are interchangeable terms that both apply to the same place: where convicts must stay behind bars for a crime they committed. While you are somewhat correct in this, the two terms actually apply to separate institutions that are built for different people in different points of situations. Think short-term and long-term.

Jails are short-term locations that are operated by local governments. This is where people who are waiting for their trial will stay if they don’t or cannot bail out. This is also where people who have finished their trial and given a short-term (a few months, 1 year) sentence will stay until they are released. Various growth and rehabilitation programs are available, such as work-release, boot camp, educational classes, etc.

Prisons, on the other hand, are run by the state government. This is where convicts serve long-term sentences, usually for a committing a felony crime. Prisons offer halfway houses, work-release centers, etc.

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