Posting Bail Allows you to Meet Personal Obligations

Life doesn’t stop just because you’ve been arrested. All the things you worried about prior to your arrest are still issues. Unlike when you have to go on a business trip or are taking a vacation, you didn’t have enough time to implement the steps needed to make sure measures were in place beforehand.

A man who was recently arrested is a poster child for the importance of bail. Not only did his arrest make it impossible for him to go home and care for his young child, staying in jail also means he’ll lose his job and not be able to meet his financial obligations.

In the case of the man who was arrested for assault, the ability to post bail meant more than simply being able to tuck his child into bed that night. It means he could continue working, which prevents his child from missing meals or suddenly finding themselves homeless.

Most importantly, getting released on bail allows the man to prepare for the child’s future. It will likely take months, maybe even more than a year for the case to make its way through the legal system. In addition to preparing his defense, the man can also talk to relatives and arrange to have someone care for his young child if the worse happens and he has to spend time in prison. The plans the man puts into place while he’s free on bail will likely prevent the child from becoming a ward of the state.

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