Pinon Hills Bail Bonds have always been providing help and assistance with bail bonds at the highest quality standards. At Pinon HillsBail Bonds, a licensed agent will always be there to handle your questions and inquiries throughout this difficult process.


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Professional Bail Agents

Bailing a loved one out of jail is much easier than people realize. You do not have to do anything other than talk to a professional bail agent and signing a few papers. The professional bail agents at Pinon Hills Bail Bonds will do all of the hard work for you.

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What Is A Bail Bond

A bail bond is a written promise from a defendant to pay a premium, 10% of the bail in California, to the bail bond company and to show up to court when he or she is required to. The bail bond will then secure a defendant’s release from jail.

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Cosigning For a Bail Bond

Co-signers are people who are willing to sign for their loved one’s release. They will be the ones making sure payments are made, and court dates are properly handled. The strength of a co-signer is determined by his or her employment status, ties to the community, and credit score.

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Getting a California bail bond from us isn’t difficult. The first step is taking advantage of our free consultation. We offer both phone and online consultations. These consultations are always with a person who not only has a solid understanding of how the bail bonds practice works in California but who will answer all of your questions and walk through the process. Consultations are available 24/7.


Easy Bail Process in California

Being able to quickly bail someone out of jail is only one of the reasons you will appreciate Pinon Hills Bail Bonds.

Other reasons include:

0% Interest payment plans

20% Discount

Phone approvals

Online approvals

Free consultations

24/7 availability

No hidden fees

No collateral for working signers

Outstanding customer service

The sooner you reach out to Pinon Hills Bail Bonds, the sooner we’ll arrange to get you released from jail. To bail someone out of jail quickly, simply click the Chat Now link or call 760-964-8377

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With our years of experience and our family background, our clients can count on getting the best bail help in the state. Our agents can guide their clients through the entire bail bond process. They will answer questions, and provide a personalized payment plan. With help from our agents, most clients find that they can actually afford to bail out their loved one.

When a person needs help, they turn to family. When a family needs help with bail, they turn to the family here at Pinon Hills Bail Bonds. Our agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whenever a family is in need of a cheap and affordable bail solution, they can count on us to be there for them.

For professional help, you can afford, call Pinon Hills Bail Bonds now at 760-964-8377.

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So I unexpectedly needed to bail someone out yesterday after being arrested. Gave these guys a call and not only were they very polite and helpful over the phone, they rushed to the police department as fast as they could after finding out they only had until 2 before the jailer left and it was already around 1:45. Made the stressful process an easier one. Thank you, Highly recommend!

– Jason Jackman

I called Victorville Bail Bonds and asked like a million questions, and i was very pleased with the patience and compassion they provided. I wish i could have used them for the situation i was in but there could only be one. Nver the less thank you for all the great help Steve!

– Sedona Hernandez

I received great service. its hard to choose a company when you have never before dealt with a situation where you have to bail someone out of jail. But im very satisfied with the help i received as well as the information i was given throughout the process.

– Michelle Estrada