Knowing Your Rights For Bail And Jail


When someone is arrested, they don’t always know their rights, nor are they confident about them. This leaves them vulnerable and subject, for the police, the prosecutors, and the court. To avoid being taken advantage of and punished more than a person should be, they should know these rights:

  • A person is innocent until proven guilty in court.
  • A person has the right to a fair and speedy trial by their peers, a jury.
  • A person has the right to know and understand the charges being made against them.
  • A person has the right to an attorney, and if he or she cannot afford one, a public defender will be appointed to them.
  • A person has the right to make a phone call after being arrested.
  • A person will receive their property and belongings back when they are released from jail, as long as it is not part of evidence.

Bail bond companies like us at Victorville Bail Bond Store also work to protect these rights. Our bail bonds help people of all financial situations and incomes get out of jail until their court date(s), giving them time to properly prepare and also get back to their daily activities like family time and work.

To learn more about Victorville Bail Bond Store’ services or to get some paperwork started, please feel free to call us at 760-964-8377.


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