How to Admit When You’re Wrong

How to Admit When You’re Wrong

Unfortunately we’re not all perfect. We make mistakes and hurt other people in the process. The hardest part is when we’re caught doing something wrong and there are consequences for your actions. When those consequences include jail time or a hefty fine, you will definitely start revaluating the choices you made.

Going over the incident or argument will help you understand what went wrong. Looking back at the argument with fresh eyes will help give you a new perspective. What actions did you do to land yourself in a sticky situation? Was it how you reacted to someone? Did someone else’s actions influence yours? Replay the incident in your head until you feel that you understand the cause and effect of it all.

After thoroughly going over the argument in your head, re-examine your actions. Did you do anything wrong or were you acting in favor of someone else? Maybe when you acted a certain way, someone else took it another way. If you find that you actually did do something wrong, you need to figure out how at fault were you.

If you are at fault, you’ll need to figure out if your actions were justified. If your actions landed you in jail, your lawyer will argue your case for you, and your judge will decide if you were justified. However, if this is a minor argument between family members, you may want to look for an outsider’s perspective to figure out if you were justified in your actions.

If you are in the wrong, the best option is to admit it. Owning up to your mistakes will help you feel better, even if you landed yourself in jail. You’ll be able to learn and grow. After all, if someone wronged you, wouldn’t you like for them to own up to their mistakes. That goes back to the golden rule of treating others how you’d like to be treated.