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A Simple Way to Keep Your Home Safe
Most people have homes full of stuff that they either need or enjoy. Whatever the stuff is, they worked hard to earn it and as such, would like for their stuff to stay safe. They want to do everything that they can to keep their home safe and secure. However, sometimes people forget to take […]
Can You Get Into Trouble for Not Leaving?
Often, when a person is asked to do something, they don’t have to do what is asked of them. Everyone has free will after all. However, there are times when a person can get into trouble for not doing as told. A good example of this is when a person is asked to leave an […]
Laws That Minors Can Break but Adults Cannot
Everyone knows what crimes are and what would happen if they were to commit one. This is just something that people learn over time. However, there is something about laws and crimes that people know, without ever really considering. What a lot of adults may not consider, is that there are somethings they can do […]
California’s Drug Transporting and Sale Laws
While most drugs out there in the world provide useful benefits for people who are sick or in pain, there are still a good number of them out there that cause more harm than good. These bad drugs are classified as controlled substances and are heavily regulated by the government. In most cases, the use […]
What Is Money Laundering and Why Is It Illegal?
Everyone is aware of the obvious fact that committing crimes is illegal. What can often get people into trouble is not knowing which acts are considered illegal in the first place. This leads to people doing something they thought was okay and then winding up in trouble with the law. For instance, people are aware […]
Can Helping Someone Get You Into Trouble?
When it comes to friends and family, most people will do whatever they can to help out their loved ones. If someone that they care about is in trouble, they will not rest until they have helped get their loved one out of trouble. This is how a family is supposed to work in most […]
What’s the Difference between GTA and Joyriding?
A home is probably the most important thing that a person can own. Right behind that is a car. Having a vehicle allows a person to travel easily and efficiently. With a car, a person can run errands and go to work to earn money for all of their expenses. Owning a car is a […]
Want to Know How to Get Your Friend Out of Jail Quickly?
When you need to rescue a friend or family member from jail, you don’t have time to waste. The longer you take to post bail, the more time your friend or family member spends behind bars. You don’t want that, you want to get your loved one out as quickly as possible. When it comes […]
Uplifting Coronavirus Stories
There is no denying that the last month has been a stressful one for everyone. A pandemic like this hasn’t been experienced in long. Most people weren’t prepared for a disaster like this, which has caused a lot of panic and stress for millions of people. During these tough times, it can be easy to […]
Ponzi Schemes and California Law

Ponzi Schemes and California Law

Ponzi schemes aren't legal in California. The state considers these financial cons a type of financial fraud. California's judicial system ...
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Smartphones in California's Polling Places

Smartphones in California’s Polling Places

It's impossible to believe that we were once able to go through life without a smartphone in our hand. Today, ...
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California's Three Strikes and Your Out Policy

California’s Three Strikes and Your Out Policy

California was once famous for its three strikes and your out brand of criminal justice. How the Three Strikes Law ...
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Pepper Spray: California's Laws and Ownership Regulations

Pepper Spray: California’s Laws and Ownership Regulations

If you consider pepper spray the perfect self-defense tool, you're not alone. The world is full of people who feel ...
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Strange Laws In California

Strange Laws In California

When people think about laws, they often think about sensible rules that make sense. However, it is important to remember ...
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A Simple Way to Keep Your Home Safe

A Simple Way to Keep Your Home Safe

Most people have homes full of stuff that they either need or enjoy. Whatever the stuff is, they worked hard ...
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