California’s Most Wacky Laws – You Won’t Believe Some Of These!


Sorry ladies of Los Angeles, if you were hoping to meet your Prince Charming by kissing a frog, you better search elsewhere. It’s against the law to kiss and lick frogs in LA. Yes, this is a real law. This law is as real as these other dumb laws in California:

  • You may not own or sell silly string in Lodi. That’s no fun!
  • You can’t take your camel for a walk down Palm Canyon Drive between 4 and 6 PM. I guess animals that camels do not get along with are walking down the drive during these 2 hours?
  • Molesting butterflies in Pacific Grove can result in a $500 fine. Um…. what?
  • A man carrying a lantern must walk in front of any motor vehicle that wants to take a drive. Follow the light, it will guide you!
  • If you keep Christmas lights up past February 2, you will be fined. Where’s the holiday spirit in that?
  • Detonating a nuclear device within Chico city limits will result in a $500 fine. Shouldn’t this one have a much bigger consequence?!
  • People classified as “ugly” may not walk the streets of San Francisco. One, that’s awfully rude, and 2, maybe it’ll be foggy enough where you can’t see other people.

There are so many more insane laws in California that they’re way more hilarious than serious. Yes, you technically can get in trouble for violating any of these (and who knows, you just might!) but a lot or absolutely unrealistic for any person to even try anyway.

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