Bouncing Back From An Arrest


“Bouncing back” (as they call it) from an arrest can either be easy or hard and that’s largely up to you. You need to:

  • Prove to your family that their love and close support is your priority, and that you will not let them down.
  • Show friends you are not the person to go to jail again.
  • Reassure your employer that your work will not be affected again.
  • Apologize to any strangers who may have been directly involved in your incident, if necessary. You sure didn’t mean any harm.
  • Work with your lawyer to build a strong defense.
  • Let court know you are truly sorry for the mistake and deeply regret any involvement you had.
  • Believe yourself when you say you are stable to move on from the incident and not allow yourself to fall into any sort of bad situation again.

There is a lot involved with the “recovery process” of getting arrested. It’s going to be time-consuming and draining but it is absolutely necessary in order to fully resolve the situation.

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