A Family Member Has Been Arrested And I’m Concerned, Stressed And Confused. What Can I Expect In The Legal Process?


  1. The family member is arrested and charged with a crime. The District Attorney (DA) will review the case and decide whether or not to file charges. If the DA decides not to move forward with charging the individual with a crime, the case is dismissed and he or she is free to go home.
  2. If the DA does file charges, the individual will have an arraignment, at which time he or she will be notified of the charges made against them, and bail will be set.
  3. The individual will be able to post bail with the court or through a bail company. You may need (if you so wish) to help your family member meet the dollar amount for bail. If paying the court directly, the entire bail will need to be paid before he or she can be released. If paying a bail company, the dollar amount is 10% of the full bail amount, and this can be paid on a schedule after the person is freed. Alternatively, your family member can choose to stay in jail and not pay bail at all.
  4. At some point, trial will begin and end, at which time you all will learn of your loved one’s fate: freedom? A prison sentence? Community service?

Don’t psyche yourself out too much about your loved one. The best thing you can do right now is help pay his or her bail (you don’t want them sitting in jail!) and support them.

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