Month: November 2020

Robbery in California
In California, it’s possible to be charged with three different types of robbery. They’re: ✽ First-degree robbery ✽ Second-degree robbery ✽ Third-degree robbery What is First-Degree Robbery California lawmakers discussed robbery in the first degree in the California Penal Code 211. This is a felony charge that is filed against you when the police uncover […]
Owning a Gun After a Felony Conviction
Some people don’t realize that they lose the right to own a gun after they’ve been convicted of a felony. It doesn’t matter what type of felony you were convicted of, once that is on your record you’re not allowed to own a gun, not ever again. This doesn’t just apply to California. It’s a […]
Ignoring a Subpoena in California
A subpoena is a written order that says you have to appear in court. This is usually handed to you by a lawyer or an official the court has appointed. Subpoenas can be issued for both criminal and civil court cases. Once you’ve received a subpoena, you have no choice but to appear in court. […]
What is a Drive-By Shooting in California?
Drive-by shooting makes great action scenes in movies, but the reality is quite different. Drive-by shootings like the one that took place in Kern this summer are terrifying. They are unpredictable, deadly, and it’s not uncommon for innocent bystanders to be hurt or even killed. A single drive-by shooting can seriously change the tone of […]
Legal Consequences of Rioting in California
These days it seems like rioting is on everyone’s minds. Every single day it seems like someone has questions about why riots start, when a protest crosses the line and becomes a riot, how riots should be handled, and what the legal consequences of rioting are in California. What is a Riot It can sometimes […]
How to Handle a Breach of Contract in California
Contracts are designed to protect both you and the person you’re doing business with. A good contract details the type of work you want to be done (or are doing,) when the job will be completed, and how payments will be handled. In most situations, the contract is honored and everyone walks away happy. The […]
The Ins and Outs of Package Theft
Package theft is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the act of snatching a package that doesn’t belong to you. Recently it seems like there are more package theft stories than ever before. It turns out that this isn’t just because people are sharing package theft stories on social media sites. Instances of package theft […]
The Consequences of Obstructing a Police Investigation in California
While many of us have heard the term, obstruction of justice, spoken, few of us know exactly what the phrase means or what the consequences of such a charge are. What is Obstruction of Justice The legal dictionary describes obstruction of justice as, “a criminal offense that involves interference, through words or actions, with the […]
Crimes of Passion
There is something about the term “crime of passion” that causes many of us to think about romance and true love. The reality is that crimes of passion are not about showering a loved one with flowers and chocolate. Victims of crimes of passion will tell you that they are actually terrifying, life-altering acts that […]
Every so often a community will start to whisper about the possibility of a cult forming in the neighborhood. Generally, as soon as the rumor of a cult starts, people start worrying about what drastic action the cult will take and how the community can stop them. What are Cults Many people mistakenly believe that […]

How Serious is Road Rage in California

The recent death of a young boy following a road rage incident has triggered a surge of interest in how ...
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Assault with a Deadly Weapon in California

If you’ve been charged with assault with a deadly weapon in California, it means the police believe that you not ...
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Fireworks and Safety

Fireworks are a fun and memorable way to celebrate the Fourth of July, but they can also be dangerous and ...
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Prepare Your Pets for Fireworks

The Fourth of July is right around the corner which means people are going to set off fireworks. Even if ...
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Understanding Felony Probation in California

In some situations, when you’re convicted of a felony, a judge might decide that instead of spending time in prison, ...
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Failing to Use Your Blinker in California

It’s such an easy thing to do. You hit the little switch on the side of your steering wheel, which ...
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