Month: September 2014

People all over are under the impression that once a loved one has been arrested, bailing them out is as quick as making a phone call. Unfortunately they’d be wrong. In the modern world it’s easy to forget that things don’t happen instantly or near instant like fast food. An old saying is “Good things […]
In today’s world, it can often be hard to find a company that is both available everywhere, and has a great service. Family owned companies tend to have better service, but they lack the availability and convenience of larger corporations. Victorville Bail Bond Store, is the perfect middle ground. Victorville Bail Bond Store has been […]
For the twenty-seven years Victorville Bail Bond Store has been serving the people of California. Their bail agents pride themselves on making this difficult time for you as easy as possible. They understand how painful and stressful the arrest of a friend or loved one can be. Victorville Bail Bond Store is a family owned […]
A bail bondsman can be your best friend when you’ve been arrested. This is even truer for the bondsmen at Victorville Bail Bond Store. They’ve been a family owned company for over twenty-five years and so their bail agents understand the importance of family. They go above and beyond their competitors and retrain all of […]
Below are the different types: CASH BOND Just as it states, a cash bond is an amount of bail that must be paid in full, and with cash. It doesn’t matter who posts/pays the bond. So long as it is paid in full, you are released. Even more interesting, a cash bond can be refunded […]
Over 25 Years Experience 24/7 Bail Services Free Consultations Custom Payment Plans Absolutely No Hidden Fees Hablamos Español For over 25 years Victorville Bail Bond Store has been bailing Californians out of jail. Victorville Bail Bond Store is a family owned which means we understand how important it is for you to bail out your […]
Bail is usually set by the court as a monetary figure that must be paid by you, the defendant, in order for you to be released until the next court proceeding. If you appear as required, the bail money is released when your case concludes. If you fail to appear for a proceeding, then the […]

How Serious is Road Rage in California

The recent death of a young boy following a road rage incident has triggered a surge of interest in how ...
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Assault with a Deadly Weapon in California

If you’ve been charged with assault with a deadly weapon in California, it means the police believe that you not ...
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Fireworks and Safety

Fireworks are a fun and memorable way to celebrate the Fourth of July, but they can also be dangerous and ...
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Prepare Your Pets for Fireworks

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Understanding Felony Probation in California

In some situations, when you’re convicted of a felony, a judge might decide that instead of spending time in prison, ...
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Failing to Use Your Blinker in California

It’s such an easy thing to do. You hit the little switch on the side of your steering wheel, which ...
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